Wednesday, July 15, 2020

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In times of national emergency, ToolBank Nation balances our precautions with our core program of tool and equipment lending. We are a resource in times of acute and protracted emergency and respond with this guiding truth in mind.


ToolBank has determined that we can best help in this national crisis by participating in the recommendations of the CDC and the requirements of our communities. While we are restricting normal activities at ToolBank warehouses, we remain available for our partners. Please see below details of the specific measures we are undertaking to balance our service offerings with safety all our staff, volunteers and partners.


First and foremost, our affiliates are reaching out to their networks of health professionals and critical service partners to let them know that tables, chairs and other equipment are available to them at this time at no cost. We leverage our assets to help first responders as they establish pop-up testing sites and issue food and supplies to families practicing self-isolation. In service to our partners during this time, all tool handling fees will be waived.

Tools that are available and can be useful for this response include: tents, tables, chairs, safety cones, safety vests, speakers, microphones, and walkie talkies. 

Please note:

All tools being issued during this time of acute crisis will be disinfected beforehand.

All returned tools will be quarantined approximately 72 hours, then cleaned per FEMA regulations. 

ToolBank staff will work in shifts to practice social distancing and work from home as possible.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to your local ToolBank if you need any of these tools and items so they can help you get what you need.  Thank you for your continued support of the ToolBank network.


March and April are the busiest months of the year for your ToolBank.  Communities come together during this time to clean up their communities, plant gardens in food desert areas, revitalize their parks and playgrounds, and celebrate Earth month through large volunteer projects supporting the environment.  Almost all of these projects have already been cancelled and this will affect your local ToolBank. Many people have asked us how they can help us now.  Here’s how.

Your gift, in any amount, will echo throughout the ToolBank Network, literally, even if it’s just your change!  If you can help us cover our costs during this time, please make a donation to our campaign 'Giving ToolBanks Change to Support #ToolsForChange'.  You will be able to give a general gift to support the entire ToolBank Network, or specify a local ToolBank to support.


Over the past 10 years, ToolBanks have loaned out nearly $85 Million worth of tools to 5200 Charitable Organizations to equip 1.8 Million Volunteers to complete over 96,000 projects in local communities and in response to National Disasters. While we do not like to see these numbers rise, ToolBank Nation rises to the challenge in every crisis. This one is no different.


#ToolsForChange    #ToolsForHope

Who We Are

     ToolBank USA, founded in 2008, operates with the mission of building and strengthening local communities through support of volunteer efforts. ToolBanks loan tools to local charitable organizations for use in volunteer service projects across a network of eight ToolBank affiliates throughout the United States.

     Every ToolBank offers a vast inventory of landscaping, construction, hand and power tools for a small handling fee. ToolBank tools are available to any community-based organization that proves charitable intent, ranging from zero-budget neighborhood associations to multimillion dollar nonprofits, and every agency in between. Each ToolBank has become a profound “force multiplier” in its community.

What We Do

     ToolBank USA equips more than 311,000 volunteers annually, dramatically increasing volunteerism’s impact and value in communities nationwide. We do this by partnering with nonprofit organizations and leveraging our donors’ money. For every dollar donated to ToolBank, we save our nonprofit partners up to $4.61.

     ToolBank USA launched ToolBank Disaster Services (TDS) in 2014, in response to an increasing number of disaster events in cities without a ToolBank of their own. ToolBank Disaster Services’ mission is to equip charitable organizations with the right tools to maximize volunteer impact during disaster response and recovery.

To make a donation to support our network of ToolBanks across the country and our disaster response efforts, please click HERE.

ToolBank USA is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit, and your donation helps us bring Tools for Change across the country!  Click a cause to redirect to a secure payment window, and enter your designated amount.  Upon completion, you will receive an email confirmation of your donation.  ToolBank USA also accepts donations of stock. Contact Patty Russart for more information at (224) 558-4821 or at  Thank you for your generosity!

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